Amy Bentley

I highly recommend James Atwill and his awesome, but gruelling PT sessions which have helped me achieve my goal of a sub 20 minute 5k which I accomplished last year.

James has helped me for the last 18 months and I am always welcomed by the other PTs and I think the atmosphere here is great, along with excellent facilities too.

I am now, after 6 years, having a break from Triathlon and representing GB in my age group. Just for a year where my focus is on getting leaner, stronger, with a heavy focus on my nutrition, which will only help me when I come back to triathlon.

I am in no doubt James has some โ€˜lovelyโ€™ weight based sessions lined up for me when I start in September and will be just as tough as my cardio sessions were.

Amy Bentley- GB age group triathlete

Amy Bentley

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