Spinning Classes in Malmesbury


  • Monday lunchtime: 1.15-1.45pm
  • Wednesday lunchtime: 1.15-1.45pm
  • Wednesday evenings: 7.15-8.00pm
  • Friday morning: 7.15-7.45am
  • Wednesday lunchtime: 1.15-1.45pm
  • Sunday morning: 8.30-9.00am

Spinning is a very popular class for all ages and abilities. The class is excellent for burning calories, improving your aerobic capacity and toning up those muscles! The classes are 30/45 minute intense sessions involving various different sections from hill climbs to short sprints.

Benefits of spinning include

  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • A great calorie burner (burning up to 800kcals in a class)
  • Excellent improvements in aerobic capacity
  • Builds strength
  • Improves muscular tone
  • Enjoyable exercise

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