Powerhouse Free Weights Suite

Weights machines

Our Strength & Conditioning ‘Powerhouse’ room offers extensive free weights, plate loaded and cable machines to cater for all various types of training purposes.

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The room is kitted out with the following:-

  • 2 x Multifunction Olympic power racks on platforms for the ability to perform Olympic lifts.
  • 1 StarTrac weight lifting power cage, with multiple adjustment support bars and pull up bar
  • Olympic bumper plates and Origin weight plates with well over 300kg to select from in various weight denominations
  • A StarTrac 45degree plate loaded Leg Press
  • A StarTrac plate loaded Chest Press Machine
  • A StarTrac plate loaded Seated Row Machine
  • A StarTrac Cable Crossover machine, with two stacks of 50kg’s of weight, a pull up bar and plenty of cable attachments
  • An angled platform for Bent Over Rows and other lift variations
  • Dumbells ranging from 5kg to 50kg,
  • A preacher curl bench
  • Six adjustable incline/decline benches.

Enter the PD Powerhouse room for an added dimension to your training.

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