Cardiovascular Suite

Separated over two floors, our full range of StarTrac Cardiovascular equipment has something for everyone. With 23 Cardio machines to choose from, there’s lots a variation to exercise the body aerobically in various ways.

Over the two areas you can find the following machines:

  • 3 x StartTrac Treadmills
  • 3 x StarTrac Cross-Trainers
  • 2 x WattBikes
  • 3 x StarTrac exercise bikes
  • 1 x Recumbent exercise bike
  • 1 x HIIT Mill
  • 2 x HIIT Bikes
  • 2 x Concept2 Rowing Machines
  • 2 x HIIT Rowers
  • 2 x StartTrac Steppers
  • 1 x StarTrac Versa-Stridder
  • 1 x Stairmill

Full inductions are carried out by the trainers to ensure you maximise the use of the equipment. A program will then be designed specifically tailored to your own aims/goals.


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